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Sometimes you crack. Just a little.

After an intense period of change, I’ve had the chance to take a well needed period of deep rest and recalibration. It is now a time to remember my bolder and braver self.

Although sometimes painful, I remind myself that change is necessary and to trust intuition and let passion be my guide. Some moments are welcomed and others more jarring. For every crack, there is an opportunity for light to pour in – a doorway to the extraordinary and an invitation to embrace authenticity. A chance to shake off conventional norms and embrace unique ways of self expression.

So back to the practice of mindfulness and making marks: scribbling, scratching, finding a flow state. Every hour that I spend experimenting, I know I’m laying the foundation for every tomorrow – a brighter, more creative one.

(New glasses – 2023)

Portrait study of woman with glasses

Pushing paint.

For me, abstraction is a starting point. I naturally find myself pushing paint into something recognisable, the strokes become more intentional as the artwork forms. Days of troweling and scraping away at a portrait that celebrates deep love, connection and respect – an energetic marker of welcome to our space.


As we move into a new year, it’s a timely reminder that the only way to thrive is to be yourself.  


(Here’s to you kiddo! – 2023)

Oil on canvas

45cm x 60cm

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